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The Bridge Day Nursery
692 Manchester Rd,
Blackford Bridge,
BL9 9TQ.
Tel: 0161 767 9429

Our rooms


baby room 1
baby room2

Our Baby Tweenie room has lots of areas for the children to explore. Children can take part in numerous activities and develop different skills. Toys are set at a low level so that they are easily accessible for the children to make make their own choices. Your child will be assigned a key worker who will help your child settle into nursery and liaise with you about their care daily, verbally and with our specially designed daily diary's to inform you of the fun activities your child has taken part in throughout the day. Key workers will also observe and guide your child's development whilst recording information in your child's learning journey.
In the Baby /Tweenie Room we develop the three prime areas of learning:-
Communication & Language,
Physical Development
Personal , Social & Emotional development.

These three areas are particularly crucial for igniting children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.


sleep area

We have a peaceful, cosy and fully equipped sleep area for the children. We provide bed linen which is changed and laundered regularly. We provide cots and beds however if your child prefers to sleep in a pram you are welcome to bring your own pram if preferred. All children have their own basket in which to keep their own blanket.


outdoor area

When your child is ready they will progress into Pre-School. This is a large room with many areas of provision for children to explore and learn through play. Pre-Schoolers have direct access to two large fully equipped outside play areas, to enable freeflow to allow the children to learn indoors and outdoors on a bigger, messier scale. Your child will be assigned a key worker. Key children are grouped into small groups of children, usually split into similar age or stage; this is known as their 'family'. 'Family Time' is a daily event where key worker's known as 'Aunties' plan fun activities suitable for the groups individual age & stage.
Your child's key worker will observe and guide their development whilst recording information in their learning journey. In this room we expand children's learning by teaching all 7 areas of learning :-
Communication & Language
Physical Development
Personal Social & Emotional Development
Understanding of The World
Expressive Arts & Design


An area dedicated to messy play. This area helps your children to explore and play with a range of tactile materials such as gloop, shaving foam and custard, to name but a few. The children have free access to a wide range of materials such as paint, glitter, feathers, etc. To creatively express their imagination and get as messy as they like!